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Aftercare: Beyond the Treatment Room



As the Reiki continues to work in your body and re-balance your energy, expect your body to detoxify.

Although many clients feel wonderful immediately after their treatment, this is not always the case for every client. Do not be alarmed!


If your body is releasing toxins into your bloodstream faster than they can be processed, detoxification symptoms may be triggered.


This is temporary!


Your body is incredibly wise, and is balancing, adjusting to the healing energy.


This is a purifying process. Old stagnant energy is being released to make room for new, higher vibrational energy of love, peace and joy.


Be sure to drink a little more water than you usually to assist the detoxification process.


Some people MAY experience one or more of the following healing and detox symptoms after a session:

  • Feeling emotional, emotional release, or emotional shifts

  • Crying for no apparent reason

  • Feeling energised 

  • Feelings of euphoria and/or a 'lightness'

  • Fatigue, feeling overtired, needing to sleep or rest

  • Sleeping 8-12 hours overnight

  • Tingling/heat sensations

  • Feeling hot or cold

  • Skin detox symptoms such as blemishes, pimples or mild rashes

  • Aches and pains throughout body

  • Temporary "Flu-like" symptoms

  • Headaches, dizziness, or nausea


The symptoms listed above are all excellent indicators that your body is bringing itself back into balance, acclimatising to the Healing energy.  

Because Reiki causes your body to detoxify, it is essential to drink water to help your body re-adjust and remove toxins.


To continue to help facilitate your healing process, please follow the steps below after a session: 

  • Be gentle with yourself! No rushing around if possible. Taking time to reflect and feel into the shifts is always beneficial. 

  • Be aware of emotional changes. Spend some time alone if needed.

  • If you have any spiritual or religious practices such as tai chi, yoga, meditation, or prayer, spend time nurturing your spiritual connection with those activities.

  • Avoid additional toxins, such as caffeine, smoking, and alcohol for a few days.

  • Get plenty of rest! Nap if needed. 

  • Avoid eating a heavy meal directly after a treatment. You may wish to avoid red meat/dairy. 

  • Eat nutritional foods, plant-based where possible.

  • Continue all current medical treatment plans (Reiki is not a substitute for medical or mental health care.)

  • Journal to help process and integrate any shifts.  

  • Having a sea salt or Epsom salt bath, if you have one, will aid in detoxification and reduce symptoms.

  • Above all, trust your intuition. If you are being called to rest, rest. If you are filled with energy and vibrancy immediately after your treatment, then feel free to find healthy outlets for this! You are your own best guide. Act from a place of self-love and all will follow.

  • Remember to note down anything that comes up for you to discuss with me if/when you receive your next healing. 

I am always available to discuss anything related to your treatment, even after the session is over. Don't hesitate to reach out. 

With love, 


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