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Distance Healings 

Connection beyond borders, healing without limits.

"Energy goes where intention flows..."


Put simply, Reiki can transcend time, space and borders. A truly beautiful gift to humanity. Distance is no barrier to the connection and healing that Reiki can facilitate. Distance Reiki sessions are, in my opinion, one of the most profound, beautiful and indeed often most convenient ways to receive and by extension, to heal. 


Distance Reiki enables the practitioner's ability to transmit spiritual energy beyond physical other words, it’s a way to receive Reiki without the practitioner being in the same room with you.


All I require is your name, location and for you to be able to lie/sit meditatively, undisturbed and ready to receive. A photograph is sometimes helpful for me to connect with your energy, but not essential.


Reiki can only ever be sent for your highest good and the highest and greatest good of all. 


Reiki is a safe, gentle healing modality. The practitioner channels healing energy through their palms to the client in order to promote mental, spiritual & emotional healing, encouraging shifts of stagnant energy, trauma, or unhelpful patterns of behaviour. 


Before a session I would proivide the opportunity for us to have a short consultation via message where we would briefly discuss what you’d like to get from the healing. In a distance session, this would either take place via Zoom, phonecall, or text message, depending on your preference.


I encourage clients to only reveal as much as they feel comfortable with, however sometimes speaking about the issues which feel significant allows the ‘stuck’ energy to be easily released in the session. This is by no means necessary however - Reiki will still flow.


I find a consultation a beautiful way to learn how best to serve you, as Reiki can be 'directed' to a particular area or issue - however there is no wrong way to receive Reiki.


My priority has ever been and will ever remain with my clients comfort, and I tailor sessions to your preference. Likewise, you do not NEED to be lying down/meditating to receive this energy...however I personally feel it makes for a more immersive and profund experience. 

I have clients that have very immersive, dream-like experiences & some that simply report feeling incredibly chilled out or even fall asleep! It is not uncommon for deeply rooted emotions to surface in the days following a Reiki session, or even during a treatment...this is all part of the healing process. For more advice please see the Aftercare tab or don't hesitate to message me directly. 


I am here, present (even if I am not with you 'physically!' during and after the session to provide support and guidance. I repeat - there is no right or wrong with Reiki - it is a journey, a process.


You will receive whatever is needed for YOU and your healing journey. 

I simply hold space for you as your bodies innate healing potential is catalysed. Reiki energy healing truly humbles me in its beauty and potency. 


Reiki shifts the body out of “fight or flight” state & into "rest and repair” mode where the body’s innate healing wisdom can operate. Distance reiki is arguably one of the most beautiful ways to receive and I truly feel no difference in the energy I feel in my palms as I connect with you. This is coming from a place of connection rather than ‘sending’...


I will always send via text/email what came through for me (I prefer to text, rather than call, as often Clients prefer to remain cocooned in the bliss/have time to ground in their own space and time, but please do let me know if you would prefer a call...) including any channelled guidance I may receive from your angels and or guides, post-session.


I am deeply grateful for be able to share this magic to beautiful beings Nation & indeed sometimes Worldwide. 

For feedback of my work as a healer, please see the 'Testimonials' tab.


Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or simply for a chat to gauge if I am the right practitioner for you. 

To book a session with me, please either contact me at 07817252079, or by clicking here.


With deep love & gratitude,






30 minutes: £20


45 minutes: £30


60 minutes: £40 

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