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ANGEL CALLING: a 4-Week Course...


ANGEL CALLING: A 4-week introduction to working with the Angels for healing, peace & expansion. Online with Lorna (@themoonstoneangel)

✨Learn. Heal. Shine.✨


Like any relationship, communicating with the Angels takes patience, dedication, openness, trust and receptivity. This is a journey created for those who feel a connection with angels, are interested in the idea of Angelic Energy and wish to explore this connection.


My intention for this course is to share some of what I have learned surrounding connecting with the Angels (for the duration of this course we will focus on three major Archangels, alongside your own personal Guardian Angel) for protection, healing and guidance.


We will work with meditation, guided journeying, and informal discussions around my personal experiences with working with specific Angels, during which you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and/or share any experiences that may arise during the meditation practices!) and will close each week with a group Angelic Reiki healing at the end of every session.


🦋A note: Angels are non-denominational and are always ready to support and aid anyone who has light and love in their heart. Anyone can take part in this practice, whether you are experienced with energy work or totally new to working with Angelic Energy. This experience may surprise you in its potency - I have found working with the Angels so incredibly powerful and I am so profoundly and deeply grateful for their support and presence.


Please email with any questions!


DM (@themoonstoneangel) on Instagram.


Please contact us if you wish to pay directly to avoid eventbrite fees.

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