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The Full Moon is the perfect time for us to let go of anything that no longer serves. 🌑

The energies of this particular Full Moon are intense and fiery. 🔥 We are being called to unleash our inner magnetism & strength during this full Harvest Moon in Aries. Aries is an assertive, powerful sign (the zodiac’s warrior) & this full moon our dreams are so close to being realised they are whispering to us in the wind...we simply have to step up & take action, allowing our dreams to become reality! 🌟 Ask & you shall receive. We are being urged to remember ‘the only person standing in your way is you!’. Embody the passion, strength and FIRE of Aries this full moon.

These are the crystals I prescribed for a full moon crystal healing session, chosen carefully to co-create with the current planetary energies. ✨ These crystals will serve to release any lower vibrational energy, stuck trauma or negative patterns and behaviours, including stress & fear. They have numerous physical and mental benefits, & all enable us to step into our power, fearless, intuitive, strong & in full knowledge of our own innate worthiness. Go get it! 🔥😍

Meditating with these crystals or placing them on the body for - maximum 20minutes will allow their healing properties to be felt energetically. 🙏🏼💫 ✨Black Rutilated Quartz - Master Healer. Invites success, releases guilt & anxiety. ✨Garnet - works with the root chakra & associated with Aries, it’s Element is 🔥. Brings courage, hope & passion. ✨Bloodstone - a cleanser. Again, associated with Aries & the root chakra. Invites abundance, purifies the blood & detoxes the kidney. Protects against negative energy. ✨Covellite - the full moon is a time when most of us feel physically enhanced, even unconsciously. Covellite encourages psychic development & can turn dreams to manifest reality💫

If you’d like to discuss what crystals could benefit you in a healing session or are just curious to learn more about the very tangible effects of crystal healing feel free to message! 🌟💫✨

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