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Yoga: Connection. Healing. Befriending the body.

Yoga for me isn’t purely about the Asana. It’s not about the deepest I can force my body into a pose, how long I can hold a Crow. It’s not about striving for headstand. Not to say that I have never been moved by ego in my practice. I’m human. I’m imperfect.

& I’m okay with that, actually. I am always growing. I am always learning. My mat is the place where I reconnect, where I go inward. Physical asana is firmly placed in my ‘medicine cabinet’, along with Pranayama, Crystals, meditation, energy healing. It helps me to be truest self. I share my medicine, in the hope that you will find healing from what I share also. That during our time together you will connect to the truest teacher - the one within. I share all I do with the pure & simple hope of gifting you some peace. Of making you feel good - however that looks & feels for you, as a multi-faceted & beautifully complex being. That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing classes in which the invitation is ALWAYS to go within to find the truth without. To honour the body as it is, NOW. To connect to the Guru that lives within. I’m a yoga teacher - but my hope is simply that I can guide you to do what feels good in your body. To find some peace. To find flow in stillness & stillness in movement. My yoga mat was my safe space when I really didn’t feel very safe anywhere - not least in my own body. My yoga practice evolved, becoming an opportunity to connect with & reclaim my physical body as MINE. As something to be treasured, rather than picked at. Instead of grabbing for fat, at hating the feel of the flesh on my thighs, I began to thank my body for allowing me to move freely & without pain. As I grew, as my journey grew with me & catalysed an awakening in which I learned, slowly, that I was part of something much greater. I became aware, awake...or rather, I remembered...that I have gifts to share, as we all do - and a place in the world. And I couldn’t squander this life and compromise my mission by worrying that my thighs might look big in leggings or that my alignment isn’t perfect in an aesthetically pleasing pose.

With love,


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