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New Year's Intentions...

One of my New Year’s Intentions is to do a heart opening pose everyday & simply to move in a way that makes my body feel gooooood 🌹🌈 movement is one of our most powerful tools to release any low vibrational energy that weighs us down. I like to work with Chakra Flows in my the moment I’m focusing on balancing and strengthening the

❤️HEART (love for the self, releasing fear of relationships)

🌱 ROOT (grounding) 🌹SACRAL (inviting pleasure & abundance baby!) Feel into what feels stuck and work with it!!

Movement, Pranayama (breathwork) & energy healing are all incredible tools to get us feeling amazing. 🌟

Which chakras do you feel called to work with at the start of 2020? 🌹 I’m now offering 1:1 yoga tuition at an hourly rate, as a stand-alone or as part of a healing package...feel free to message with any questions or just for a chat ❣️ with lots of love, Lorna xxxx

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